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Beef Burgers

A traditional ground beef burger can be a good, high-protein meal—especially if it’s grass-finished beef!

Elk Burgers

An elk burger not only has more protein than traditional ground beef, but it’s also significantly lower in fat.

Turkey Burgers

If you choose a turkey burger made from ground breast meat, it will be ultra-lean, low in calories, and low in artery-clogging fat.

Veggie Burgers

Traditional veggie burgers are typically satisfying and a great way to slash artery-clogging saturated fat when used to replace hamburgers.

Sandwiches To Choose From

Roast Beef Sandwich

Deep fried beef along with lots of cheese which give it an amazing touch and taste.

Tuna Sandwich

The speciality of tuna fish sandwich is that it has deep fried tuna fishes along with lots of cheese and spices as well.

Bread Sandwich

Simple bread sandwiches which have cucumber in it along with lots of butter, cheese, and cream as well.

Prawn Sandwich

Deep fried prawns along with lots of cream which give it an amazing taste.

Sandwich Facts To Know

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    The sandwich was named after Lord Sandwich – a gambler who didn’t have time to eat during a play so he would ask his servants to bring him slices of meat in between slices of bread.

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    Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were originally considered a delicacy, only enjoyed by those of the upper class.

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    The United States is considered the origin of at least 60 different kinds of sandwiches.

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    The most popular sandwich in America (if you don’t count hamburger) is the turkey sandwich, followed by the ham sandwich.


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We are family run business established since 1988, providing high-quality takeaway food and catering.

Only the freshest vegetables are served to our customers. All veggies are hand sliced every morning to ensure top quality! Locally baked burger buns, crisp iceberg lettuce, rucola, tomato and pickle on your burger or sandwich of choice.

We offer catering in several formats. Have a look at the menu and see what floats your boat!

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